Protected Aniline



Protected aniline is a top grain leather that is dyed for color then receives a layer of pigment for color consistency. Without pigment, a protected leather is not color consistent. The pigment also ensures fade resistance and helps the leather wear over time. A clear water based topcoat is applied for protection only and makes these leathers great for high traffic areas and high-energy families. Expect natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles throughout the hide. Hides average 45-55 square feet.




Pure Aniline




Pure aniline is a top grain leather that is dyed for color without any pigments applied. These hides will exhibit natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles. Expect color variation from the swatch to the actual leather since this is a natural product and will absorb dye differently within the hide and from hide to hide. These leathers will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Hides average 50-55 square feet.

Biscoff Leather Collection



Exceptional value at an affordable price, Biscoff is soft and supple with a subtle two-tone to add depth and character. Perfect for all styles and applications.

  • Biscoff Acorn
  • Biscoff Asphalt
  • Biscoff BlackOak
  • Biscoff Blonde
  • Biscoff Caboose
  • Biscoff Cafe
  • Biscoff Cocoa
  • Biscoff Copper
  • Biscoff Cyprus
  • Biscoff DesertSand
  • Biscoff Flannel
  • Biscoff Indigo
  • Biscoff Mushroom
  • Biscoff Pine
  • Biscoff Rosetta
  • Biscoff Rouge
  • Biscoff Suede





Bolero is an embossed leather made with various stains and finishes applied by hand which give the leather its deep rich color. After the hides are finished, they receive a clear water based topcoat that allows Bolero to be used in heavy traffic areas. The color varies from dye lot to dye lot. Hides average 25 square feet.

  • Bolero BO3100
  • Bolero BO3101





Conga is a Chrome/Veg tanned leather with Hornback gator embossing. Conga hides are produced using various hand techniques creating a rich contrast of color and highlights. These processes give the embossing more depth and texture which will wear naturally over time. Hides average 20-25 square feet.


  • Conga 3600
  • Conga 3601
  • Conga 3602





Cumbia is a tooled leather pattern with deep embossing. Multi step hand processes are antiqued to give the leather a distinctive look. The hides are layered with light finishes which supply a subtle sheen. Hides average 20-25 feet.

  • Cumbia CU3302
  • Cumbia CU3304


Eclipse Leather Collection



Eclipse features a soft silky hand with a light two-tone which gives the surface depth and character. A clear water based top coat provides an upscale look that is perfect for high traffic areas. Eclipse adds simple elegance to any application.

  • Eclipse Bamboo
  • Eclipse Basil
  • Eclipse BlackPepper
  • Eclipse BrownSugar
  • Eclipse Cadet
  • Eclipse Canvas
  • Eclipse Cardinal
  • Eclipse-Celery
  • Eclipse-Clove
  • Eclipse CocoaBean
  • Eclipse Dove
  • Eclipse CocoaBean
  • Eclipse Gooseberry
  • Eclipse GrannySmith
  • Eclipse Honey
  • Eclipse Limestone
  • Eclipse Limmie
  • Eclipse Maple
  • Eclipse Marsh
  • Eclipse Molasses
  • Eclipse Olive
  • Eclipse OrangeAid
  • Eclipse Pinto
  • Eclipse Pomegranate
  • Eclipse PurplePrize
  • Eclipse RedDelicious
  • Eclipse RipTide
  • Eclipse Smoke
  • Eclipse Toast
  • Eclipse Toffee





  • Legacy Plantino
  • Legacy Fawn
  • Legacy Ecru
  • Legacy Elite Grey
  • Legacy Chalk
  • Legacy Alabaster
  • Legacy Natural Glow
  • Legacy Early Tan
  • Legacy Maple
  • Legacy Manilla
  • Legacy Flesh
  • Legacy Plantino
  • Legacy Honey
  • Legacy Brazil Nut
  • Legacy Tortoise Shell
  • Legacy Autumn
  • Legacy Early American
  • Legacy Teak Rose
  • Legacy Marooned
  • Legacy Cranberry
  • Legacy Maracco
  • Legacy Solar Coral
  • Legacy Appricotta
  • Legacy Caution
  • Legacy Copper Glaze
  • Legacy Bean Sprout
  • Legacy Corn Flower
  • Legacy Soft Seafoam
  • Legacy Seaspray
  • Legacy Bright Azure
  • Legacy Perwinkle
  • Legacy Sailor
  • Legacy Britona
  • Legacy Blue Sky
  • Legacy Blue Heather
  • Legacy Berry Splash
  • Legacy Kiwi
  • Legacy Peanut
  • Legacy Evergreen
  • Legacy Milk Chocolate
  • Legacy Spanish Moss
  • Legacy Blueridge
  • Legacy Saffron
  • Legacy Cayenne
  • Legacy Old Pearl





Regatta is the best of old world artisan leather making inspired by modern technology. Regatta is hand wiped using the latest techniques to create the aged appearance yet keeping the leather soft and supple. Perfect for high traffic areas.

  • Regatta BronzeBeauty
  • Regatta Butternut
  • Regatta ChocolateKiss
  • Regatta DarkShadow
  • Regatta GlazedPecan
  • Regatta GoldenCharm
  • Regatta IncrediBlue
  • Regatta OhSoRed
  • Regatta PineForest
  • Regatta RazzBerry
  • Regatta RubyRose
  • Regatta TuscanTan





Rumba is a top grain protected leather embossed to simulate an Ostrich. These hides are hand finished for an authentic aged appeal and have a clear topcoat for protection. Natural markings will be apparent throughout the hides. Hides average 45 square feet.

  • Rumba 1615
  • Rumba Dreamy Grey
  • Rumba Smokew
  • Rumba Godiva
  • Rumba2539
  • Rumba2670
  • Rumba Tortoise Turquoise





Samba is a pure aniline leather that is embossed with a belly crocodile texture. Samba hides are dyed for color and then have a wax applied before embossed. The embossing creates the tipping effect that makes the leather look worn and distressed. Hides average 45 square feet.

  • Samba 2496
  • Samba 0500
  • Samba 2477
  • Samba 2488
  • Samba 2496





Spectrum is a high end full grain protected aniline with a natural looking milled texture. Spectrum is lightly pigmented for a rich consistent color and protection. These hides meet most contract, residential, and automotive specifications and are suited for almost any application. Hides average 50-55 square feet.

  • Spectrum Risque Shade
  • Spectrum Lotion
  • Spectrum-0201
  • Spectrum Pale
  • Spectrum Bluish Grey
  • Spectrum Smoky Silver
  • Spectrum-0205
  • Spectrum Dusky Dove
  • Spectrum Black
  • Spectrum-0208
  • Spectrum-0209
  • Spectrum Ashen
  • Spectrum Risque Shade
  • Spectrum-0212
  • Spectrum-0213
  • Spectrum-0214
  • Spectrum Dust of Winter
  • Spectrum Caramel Chips
  • Spectrum-0217
  • Spectrum-0218
  • Spectrum-0219
  • Spectrum-0220
  • Spectrum-0221
  • Spectrum Papaya
  • Spectrum-0223
  • Spectrum-0224
  • Spectrum-0225
  • Spectrum-0226
  • Spectrum-0227
  • Spectrum Tee Pee
  • Spectrum0229
  • Spectrum Cocoa a GoGo
  • Spectrum-0231
  • Spectrum-0232
  • Spectrum-0233
  • Spectrum-0234
  • Spectrum-0235
  • Spectrum-0236
  • Spectrum Powder Pink
  • Spectrum Pink With Passion
  • Spectrum-0239
  • Spectrum Blushed
  • Spectrum-0241
  • Spectrum-0242
  • Spectrum Passion Fruit
  • Spectrum-0244
  • Spectrum-0245
  • Spectrum Orange Pop
  • Spectrum Runaway Love
  • Spectrum Stolen Kisses
  • Spectrum Cowardly
  • Spectrum-0250
  • Spectrum0251
  • Spectrum-0252
  • Spectrum-0253
  • Spectrum-0254
  • Spectrum-0255
  • Spectrum-0256
  • Spectrum-0257


The Exotics





The experience of the exotic is easily achieved when the authentic look of crocodile is applied alone or with coordinating solid leather.   Embossed to such perfection, The Exotics hides enable the creative mind to take a leap from a hit to a triumph.  Plated so exact, the telltale overlay is almost invisible to the naked eye.  The intriguing color line of What A Croc travels from true to life on into rich, vibrant hues.  The never ending combinations begin and end with the amount of imagination and inspiration you allow yourself.



  • Exotics Bayou
  • Exotics Bonfire
  • Exotics Marshland
  • Exotics Amazon
  • Exotics Iron Ore
  • Exotics Mingo
  • Exotics Nile
  • Exotics Tar
  • Tiger Eye
  • Exotics BridleBrown
  • Exotics Everglade
  • Exotics Flagstone
  • Exotics Graystone
  • Exotics Marshland



14 colors available




Technical Data:


Finish Type: Semi-Aniline, Embossed


Content: Latin American Cowhide


Country Finished:Mexico


Size: 48 sq ft (+/-)


Thickness: 1.1-1.2 mm




Test Performance:


Test:                                        Method:                                 Result:                                   


Light Fastness                       AATC Method 16                 Class 4-5 72 hrs


Breaking Force                     ASTM D-2208                                    250 lbs


Elongation                             ASTM D-2211                                    30%-50% @ 50 lbs




Stitch Tear                             ASTM D4705                         40 lbs


Crock Fastness Dry Rub     ASTM D-5053                                    Class 4-5


Crock Fastness Wet Rub     ASTM D-5053                                    Class 4




Flame Resistance:


CA 117


NFPA 260





Tribeca is a top grain protected leather with a soft supple hand that is known for its color, consistency and durability. The pigment ensures fade resistance and minimal wear over time. Suitable for high traffic areas, it is an excellent leather for contract and hospitality applications. Hides average 45 square feet.

  • Tribeca0900
  • Tribeca0901
  • Tribeca0906
  • Tribeca0908
  • Tribeca0910
  • Tribeca0962
  • Tribeca0963
  • Tribeca0900
  • Tribeca0964
  • Tribeca0966
  • Tribeca0967
  • Tribeca0968
  • Tribeca0969
  • Tribeca0970
  • Tribeca0971
  • Tribeca0972
  • Tribeca0973
  • Tribeca0974
  • Tribeca0900
  • Tribeca0975
  • Tribeca0976
  • Tribeca0977
  • Tribeca0979
  • Tribeca0980
  • Tribeca0981
  • Tribeca0982
  • Tribeca0983
  • Tribeca0984
  • Tribeca0985
  • Tribeca0986
  • Tribeca0987
  • Tribeca0988
  • Tribeca0989
  • Tribeca0990
  • Tribeca0991
  • Tribeca0993
  • Tribeca0994
  • Tribeca0995
  • Tribeca0996
  • Tribeca0998
  • Tribeca0999
  • Tribeca1000
  • Tribeca1002
  • Tribeca1007
  • Tribeca1011
  • Tribeca1012
  • Tribeca1112
  • Tribeca1120
  • Tribeca1121
  • Tribeca1122
  • Tribeca1123
  • Tribeca1124
  • Tribeca1125
  • Tribeca1126
  • Tribeca1127
  • Tribeca1128