Our Process

  • Professional Project management 
  • Fast, Cost-Effective Quoting 

Simply submit your spec or design intent and quantity desired 

  • Shop Drawling & 3D Rendering Abilities 

Clear, accurate drawings created from your specifications 

  • Model Room & Prototype Manufacturing 
  • Quality Control Supervision 
  • Shipping/Logistics Management: 

Ensuring timely, safe delivery. 

  • Locations 

Factories located in North Carolina, Florida, California & Vietnam

Custom shop

Astoria Compass’ 60.000 Sq. ft. facility located in Pompano Beach, Florida is fully equipped to meet all your custom needs.


Recent Custom Installations include:

Boca Marriot

Boca Resort


Sarasota Blue Table


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Email  your design intent to Info@astoriacompass.com

Meet Our Production Team:



Lead Engineer- Joel G.


Astoria Compass’ Master Craftsman Joel can create even the most involved custom pieces. His Incredible attention to detail, work ethic and natural artistic eye make him a valued member of out team.




Upholstery Supervisor- Tomas C.

Tomas heads our custom upholstery shop. He is a second generation upholsterer and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to make our clients happy.



Master Finisher- Rocky R


Rocky is a veteran finisher with Astoria; he has created thousands of extremely detailed finishes throughout his many years with the company. From leafing to lacquering, he can do it all.